The Earth Building Association of Australia (EBAA) is an organisation formed to promote the use of Unfired Earth as a building medium throughout Australia.

EBAA is a broad based organisation which has members that include builders, specialist contractors, tradespeople and ownerbuilders, specialist manufacturers and suppliers, architects and designers, consultants, educators and students, with a common interest in the use of Unfired Earth.

The formation of EBAA commenced in 1990 at a gathering held in Maldon, Victoria. A subsequent meeting took place in Mildura, Victoria in 1991 which elected the first Committee of EBAA. Since then the primary focus of the Association has been communicating constructively with all levels of Government concerned with the regulation of Building practice in Australia as well as educating and informing our membership and the public.

Our association has a strong national focus and is the peak body for Earth Building practitioners, both private & commercial, in Australia. Membership is open to all with an interest in earth building.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To represent the interests of members in the advancement of unfired earth technology within Australia and internationally.
  2. To promote the informed use of unfired earth as a building material within Australia.
  3. To establish an information and referral network for those wishing to use earth within the building industry.
  4. To uphold the interests of earth building in public or private forums.
  5. To act as an information source in any process to establish rules, regulations or code of practice which effect the use of unfired earth as a construction material.
  6. To promote earth building technologies which are environmentally benign.
  7. To liaise with other groups or individuals, both in Australia and internationally, who have interests in promoting earth building.