We have written and published our own book titled “Building with Earth Bricks and Rammed Earth in Australia” .

Building with Earth Bricks and Rammed Earth in Australia


At last, a definitive text that represents the collective experience of the modern generation of earth builders, expressed in a form relative to building regulations in the 21st century.  Its publication is a milestone in defining the use of earth in the Australian built environment.

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We have also compiled a list of publications that may be useful for those wishing to learn about earth building, design, build or owner build in earth. Some of these publications are available from your newsagents, library, online or from a few sources we can suggest.

If anyone has suggested texts to add to list or videos please contact us.


Magazines and periodicals

The Owner Builder Magazine Bi-monthly in newsagents or subscription


Earth Building General

Building With Earth, John Norton Intermediate Technology Publications, 1997. ISBN 1 85339 337 1

Build your House of Earth, GF Middleton Second Back Row Press, 1979. ISBN 0 908136 72 2

The Cobbers Companion, Michael G Smith The Cobb Cottage Publication, 1998. ISBN 0 9663738 0 4



Warm House Cool House, Nick Hollo Choice Books, 1997. ISBN 0 947277 22 6


Technical Manuals and Notes

CSIRO Earth Bulletin No 5 CSIRO Publication

Home Technical Manual and CD Online Australian Greenhouse Office, 2004. ISBN 1 920840 18 4


Owner Building

Building Your Own Home, George Wilkie and Stuart Arden Weldon Publishing, 1992. ISBN 1 86302 055 1

The Home Building Experience, John Archer ABC Enterprises, 1985. ISBN 0 642 52824 1



Mud and Man, Ted Howard, Earthbuild Publications, 1992. ISBN 0 646 06962 4