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Building with Earth Bricks and Rammed Earth in Australia

Building with Earth Bricks and Rammed Earth in Australia


The definitive text that represents the collective experience of the modern generation of earth builders, expressed in a form relative to building regulations in the 21st century.  Its publication is a milestone in defining the use of earth in the Australian built environment.


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A list of recommended publications to learn more about earth building, design, build or owner build in earth. Some of these publications are available from your newsagents, library, online or from a few sources we can suggest. 

Shop by typing the ‘title and ISBN’ into your search engine.  Some publications may be out of print, so seek secondhand copies. 

If anyone has suggested texts to add to list or videos please contact us.


Magazines & Periodicals

The Owner Builder Magazine ,  Bi-monthly in newsagents or subscription

Renew & Sanctuary,   are magazines published four times a year by the not-for-profit organisation Renew.


Earth Building in General

Building With Earth – Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture.   Gernot Minke.  Birkhauser  2012.  ISBN  9783034608220

UpScaling Earth – Material, Process, Catalyst,   A Heringer, L Blair Howe & M Rauch. Gta Verlag 2019.  ISBN 9783856763930

Earth Render – The Art of Clay Plaster, Render and Paints,  James Henderson. Python Press 2013. ISBN 978-0-9757782-0-3

Building With Cob – A Step By Step Guide,  Adam Weismann & Katy Bryce.  Green Books Ltd  2011.  ISBN 978 1 903998 72 4 

Building With Earth,    John Norton. Intermediate Technology Publications 1997. ISBN 1 85339 337 1

Build your House of Earth,  GF Middleton.  Second Back Row Press 1979. ISBN 0 908136 72 2

The Cobbers Companion,   Michael G Smith.  The Cobb Cottage Publication 1998. ISBN 0 9663738 0 4

Basic Mud Bricks (The Chinese Way),  Lin Wei- Hac  (edited Ron Edwards). The Rams Skull Press 1986. ISBN 0 909901 44 9

How To Build a Mud Brick House – Step by Step Guide,   Gregory Ah Ket. Globe Press PL 1986. ISBN 0 85550 532 x

Stick In The Mud (Wattle & Daub)    Merrick Fry. BooBook Publications PL 1985 ISBN 0 908121 10 5

Adobe And Rammed Earth Buildings – Design and Construction,   P G McHenry jr.  John Wiley & Sons Inc 1984.  ISBN 0-471-87677-1

Dirt Cheap – The Mud Brick Book,   John & Gerry Archer.  Second Back Row Press 1980. ISBN 0909325200




The New Carbon Architecture: Building to Cool the Climate,  Bruce King.  New Society Publishers 2017.  ISBN 9780865718685

Warm House Cool House, Nick Hollo. Choice Books, 1997. ISBN 0 947277 22 6



Technical Manuals & Notes

CSIRO Bulletin No 5 Earth-Wall Construction,  Edition 4.  GF Middleton, CSIRO Publication 1987 ISBN 0 642 12289 x 

Home Technical Manual and CD,  Online Australian Greenhouse Office, 2004. ISBN 1 920840 18 4

Energy Efficient Australian Housing,   John A Ballinger Deo K Prasad, Deborah Rudder,  Aust Gov Publishing Serv. ISBN 0 644 12564 0 

ICREC 2015 International Conference on Rammed Earth Construction: Rammed Earth Construction – Cutting Edge Research on Traditional & Modern Rammed Earth,  Ciancio & Beckett (Uni of WA), CRC Press/Balkema ISBN 978-1-138-02770-1 

Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference,   Haggard. International Solar Energy Society. Earthscan 2009. ISBN 0-9771282-3-7

New Zealand, Materials and workmanship for earth buildings 1998,  NZS 4298:1998 (now superseded)   PDF Download

African Rammed Earth Structures – Codes of Practice THC 03.   African Organisation For Standardisation. 2014  PDF Download



Owner Building

Building Your Own Home,   George Wilkie and Stuart Arden Weldon Publishing, 1992. ISBN 1 86302 055 1

The Home Building Experience,   John Archer ABC Enterprises, 1985. ISBN 0 642 52824 1



Mud and Man,   Ted Howard, Earthbuild Publications, 1992. ISBN 0 646 06962 4

Building a Nation – A History of The Australian House,   John Archer. William Collins PL 1987. ISBN 0 00 217498 7