We need to raise money for research into earth building

Ancient earth building technology has no patents, trademarks or licences. The technology and the materials are available to all. The earth building industry in Australia is very enthusiastic but friendly and small. Owner builders often undertake Earth building in this country. We are a grass roots building industry.

We are not big business, big industry with large sums to invest in research and development.

If earth building is to keep abreast with new Australian legislation and standards we need to invest in research and development and promote earth building or we will be marginalised, lose relevance and possibly face near impossible barriers for example trying to obtain construction certificates.

No one else is going to undertake research for the sake of promoting or fostering the interests or earth building. If it is to be done and done in an organised way it has to be done by Earth Building industry. Essentially in this country that means EBAA and its Friends.